While there are many things to do in Missoula with your dog, sometimes you find an activity that just isn’t suited to your four-legged friends.  That is where Missoula’s unique pet sitters could come in handy.  Many offer wide open ranches and acreages for your pet to explore and hike.  Others can come to your location and pick up your dog.  There are many daytime and longer-term options for your pet while you are in town.

Pet Sitters in Missoula:

  • Merry Pawpins: http://www.pawpinsmt.com/
  • Ready, Pet, Go!: http://www.readypetgo.biz/
  • Missoula Pet Sitters: http://www.missoulapetsitters.com/
  • Missoula Pet Aupair: http://www.missoulapetaupair.com/
  • Quick Paws: http://quickpaws.net/
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