This week, Matador Network came out with their list of the 20 coolest towns in America. Some of them you will recognize as other quirky beer cities, others you might not have heard mentioned before. One thing is for sure, you have heard of the #6 location!  #6 on the Matador Network’s list of 20 coolest towns in America is Missoula, MT.

Their criteria included:

1. Local heart of the city
2.Local foods/DIY
3.Natural features nearby
4.Diversity for the town’s size

From Matador Network's 20 Coolest Towns in America

From Matador Network’s 20 Coolest Towns in America

Check out all 20 coolest towns in America, and find out what the Matador Network thinks about Missoula, MT here.  Or start planning your next trip to Missoula with our  2015 Missoula visitor guide.