People travel from all over to fish Missoula’s famous rivers and explore the surrounding wilderness—it’s kind of our thing here. But rather than just visiting Missoula, prospective college students are starting to see the value in attending a university in the last best place. Field and Stream Magazine named the University of Montana one of the Top 10 Colleges for Hunters and Anglers, shining light on the endless outdoor opportunities in Missoula. Towering mountain ranges meet winding rivers, and locals plan their day around when the fish bite—who wouldn’t want to explore Missoula as a class requirement?

The Field and Stream article explains, “To attract students into the W.A. Franke College of Forestry & Conservation, wildlife biologists have put together hunting trips to lure in new participants and foster fair-chase and public-land hunting.” On top of hunting, the school offers spring and fall fly-fishing classes, and students can find outdoor recreation clubs from mountain climbing to paragliding.

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