Big Sky Documentary Film Festival: Shorts Block 2 - Stranger Than Fiction

Sat Feb 17 2018, 12:30 PM - 02:00 PM

Cajun Demonologists: A group of demonologists exorcise malicious spirits from possessed individuals and haunted homes in Louisiana and Mississippi over one very long night on Friday, November 13. An entertaining story of a candid group of exorcists that offer a look into the world of demonology and paranormal investigations. (9 min)

Rockpile: Retired teacher Tom Whelan investigates the shadowy history of his rural Missouri community, unprepared for the information he’s about to unfold. ROCKPILE follows Tom and the story of a looming structure in town that holds a mysterious past. (33 min)

Every Ghost Has An Orchestra: What happens after we die? Paranormal researcher and experimental composer Michael Esposito explores this age-old query as he explores humankind’s purpose, legacy, and what our actions say about who we are. (7 min)

Heimat (Homeland): Right-wing populism is spreading through Western Europe like wildfire and it’s gaining popularity in quiet, isolated white neighborhoods. HOMELAND portrays a captivating tongue-in-cheek caricature of life in Flemish suburbs that offers a look into the current European zeitgeist. (14 min)

From Parts Unknown: Jesse “Madman” Manson decided to live out his fantasy by starting an underground Professional Wrestling league in the backyards of Spokane, Washington. Ten years later, Spokane Anarchy Wrestling is gaining momentum and popularity, but Jesse’s incurring injuries from years of wrestling are proving to be a threat to the one thing that has given him an outlet to express himself. (27 min)

Location: The Wilma 131 S Higgins Ave Missoula, MT