Big Sky Documentary Film Festival: The Woman Who Was In Love With Sea Shells And Other Stories; Hidden Life; Pink Gold; Bluefin

Sun Feb 18 2018, 01:15 PM - 03:00 PM

The Woman...: In the fight to make ends meet in the uphill battle against fishing regulations, a changing climate, and their own geographical isolation, multiple generations of the residents of Atlantic, NC tell stories about their home and its environment. (15 min)

Hidden Life: Following the diverse marine life surrounding California’s oil rigs, HIDDEN LIFE offers an insight into the controversial political battle of whether or not the rigs truly benefit the Pacific coast and what our energy consumption costs the planet. (19 min)

Pink Gold: Looking through the lens of the fishing boat, “Kolsillo,” PINK GOLD offers a portrait of shrimp fishing off the coast of Mexico in Sea of Cortez. A stunning portrait of a community’s dependence on the sea and the bounty that it grants them. (21 min)

Bluefin: Set in the tuna capital of the world, North Lake, Prince Edward Island, Canada, BLUEFIN explores the baffling mystery of why the normally wary bluefin tuna no longer fears human and how this plays into its endangered species status. At up to two-thousand pounds, the warm-blooded giant with gills is at a risk for extinction. (53 min)

Location: MCT 425 E. Broadway Missoula, MT