Big Sky Documentary Film Festival: Shorts Block 5

Sun Feb 18 2018, 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM

Quiet Hours: Donald Hall, America’s Poet Laureate and winner of the National Medal of Arts, lives in the fragile space between loneliness and solitude. (14 min)

Down River: The chief judge of the Yurok Nation works to break the cycle of domestic violence in her tribe through a unique program rehabilitating perpetrators. (20 min)

Mammoth: In the remote Russian Arctic an aging scientist and his son are trying to recreate the Ice Age. The two call their experiment ‘Pleistocene Park’ – a perfect home for woolly mammoths resurrected by modern genetics. Interestingly, the mammoths are a means to a bigger end: defusing a carbon time bomb frozen in the permafrost to slow the effects of global warming. (26 min)

Ram Dass, Going Home: Twenty years after suffering a life-altering stroke, Ram Dass, a psychedelic pioneer, author, and outspoken advocate for death-and-dying awareness, finds himself approaching the end of life. Through an examination of Ram Dass’s life, learning, and wisdom over the years, RAM DASS, GOING HOME offers a meditative nod to life, death, and the soul’s journey home. (31 min)

Location: The Elks 112 N. Pattee St. Missoula, MT