Big Sky Documentary Film Festival: Shorts Block 9

Mon Feb 19 2018, 03:45 PM - 05:00 PM

A Garbage Story: Meet Nick DiMola, a bonafide trash connoisseur. He loves his job and he loves garbage. Over 30 years in the garbage business, he has collected a museum’s worth of old and rare items, most of it from the estates of dead people. With every piece of trash that he saves from the landfill, a piece of history lives on. (8 min)

Love Of Place: When an invasive species plant threatens to take over a beautiful desert river an obsessive park ranger sets out to kill it. (10 min)

Dancing In Limbo: When dance becomes the only way to express yourself and forget your troubles as a refugee, true passion emerges. (14 min)

Ferryman At The Wall: Originally proposed as an international peace park with Mexico, Big Bend, Texas has a unique relationship with its southern neighbor. For the past 40 years, Mike Davidson has been ferrying tourists across the Rio Grande for a little taste of Mexican life — but now, a great, big border wall threatens to divide the park. (16 min)

Dig It If You Can: We get up close and personal with Steven Paul Judd, the dynamic and bold 21st century renaissance man. This insightful portrait shows how Judd indigenizes the popular everyday to allow our young to Steven Paul Judd is a dynamic and bold 21st century renaissance man. DIG IT IF YOU CAN offers an insightful portrait of Judd and his artwork that centers around popular culture with a native slant. An inspirational story that shows how one artist utilizes a deep, rich history and makes it accessible through artistic expression. (19 min)

Hidden Life: Following the diverse marine life surrounding California’s oil rigs, HIDDEN LIFE offers an insight into the controversial political battle of whether or not the rigs truly benefit the Pacific coast and what our energy consumption costs the planet. (19 min)

Location: The Elks 112 N. Pattee St. Missoula, MT