Big Sky Documentary Film Festival: Schoolhouse Docs

Tue Feb 20 2018, 04:00 PM - 05:15 PM

Wild Next Door: A portrait of the beauty of Montana’s landscape and its’ enchanting backyard wildlife. (2 min)

Skywards: A poetic and evocative visual study, SKYWARDS takes the viewer on a journey into the world of pigeon flying, high above the bustling and crowded streets of Old Delhi. (5 min)

Drummer Girl: Losing her eyesight did not stop the prodigious rock n’ roll drummer, Renee Kelly, from pursuing her passion. Moving between past reflections and future dreams, Renee’s story reveals a fervent and determined artist set to a bold musical score. (6 min)

Rebuilding In Miniature: Ali Alamedy is a displaced Iraqi artist with an inventive imagination. REBUILDING IN MINIATURE follows the Iraqi artist and his incredible detailed dioramas of the places he has read about but never been. (7 min)

Raj And The Rebellion: A teenage boy reveals a world of dragons and magic amidst the mundane landscapes of suburbia. (7 min)

Man On Bike: At the surface, MAN ON BIKE is the story of a man with a hobby. Taking a closer look, David’s story proves to be filled with a dark, complicated past that touches his daily life and fills him with fear. A powerful film about life’s complexities and how we utilize our hobbies to cope with our past. (9 min)

Zion: Born without legs and growing up in foster care, Zion Clark, has struggled with fitting in his whole life. Following the story of the young wrestler, ZION shares the inspirational story of a young man who pushes himself to great lengths to pursue his passion. (10 min)

Land Of The Wind: Patagonia is a distinct and beautiful region of South America, a region spanning the lower sections of Argentina and Chile, down to the extreme southern tip of the country - further South than most people ever dare to venture. Following the fine-art photographer, Eliseo Miciu, LAND OF THE WIND shows the transformative effects of the breath-taking landscape that pushes Eliseo to learn more about himself as he sets to capture Patagonia’s moving soul. (18 min)

Location: MCT 425 E. Broadway Missoula, MT