Big Sky Documentary Film Festival: Shorts Block 13

Wed Feb 21 2018, 03:45 PM - 05:15 PM

Manuel: By the train tracks in Old Havana, 87-year-old Manuel brews an aphrodisiac juice called Pru. From the inside of his shop, and in between encounters with his thirsty customers, Manuel recounts the bittersweet loves that have defined his life. (8 min)

Fire Mouth: In the strong heat of the Carcara Arena, an enthusiastic sports commentator channels the energy of the stadium with contagious zeal. A story that speaks to the power of sport in the deep heartland of Pernambuco, Brazil in the city of Salguerio, FIRE MOUTH is a delightful observational film that transports its viewers to the sports stadium with infectious gusto. (9 min)

The Native Tongue: The Blackfoot language had been passed down from elders and parents to their youth for generations. With the introduction of the residential school system, much of this heritage has been lost. As the survival of the Blackfoot language becomes threatened, THE NATIVE TONGUE examines the importance of both young and old involvement in preserving a culture and reviving a native tongue that once thrived throughout the Siksika reserve. (12 min)

Revolving Doors: 50% of people who come out of prison go back to prison. Following Jason Bobbit, father and ex-convict, REVOLVING DOORS offers a lens into the lives of those who are forever marked as convicts in the United States Justice system and the fine line between recidivism and a hope for a better future. (18 min)

Moosa, Son Of Holy Shrine: MOOSA, SON OF HOLY SHRINE follows Moosa, an endearing teenage boy whose life is centered around a graveyard. Moosa earns his living memorizing the names on the graves and showing them to the people in search of their lost loved ones. A story of the healing effects of connecting to our past and those that help along the way. (31 min)

Location: The Elks 112 N. Pattee St. Missoula, MT