Evening Program: Volcanoes and Climate Change

Wed Apr 18 2018, 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

If you haven’t seen Ian Lange’s wonderful lecture on Volcanoes and Climate Change, now is your chance! Back by popular demand, retired University of Montana professor of geology Dr. Lange will describe the climate effects of major volcanic eruptions. Questions addressed in the talk include the reasons that some volcanoes can affect world climate, and whether long-term cooling measured in decades or longer can result.

In 1815 one of the largest volcanic eruption in 10,000 years occurred from the volcano Tambora in Indonesia. This event, following the disastrous Napoleonic wars, resulted in a world-wide average annual temperature cooling for several years of between 0.4oC and 0.7oC (0.72oF and 1.26oF). While a seemingly small temperature change, 1816 became known as “the year without summer” as tens of thousands died in Europe and the U.S. from starvation due to crop failure.

Ian’s book, ‘Volcanoes: What’s Hot and What’s Not on Earth and in Our Solar System’ will be available for purchase.

Cost $5

Location: Montana Natural History Center 120 Hickory Street, Suite A Missoula, MT