Katrina Ruhmland: "It was, It is, It will be"

Wed Mar 14 2018, 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Retired art and special education teacher, Katrina Ruhmland has used her recent years to expand her art-making methods and channel her creativity into her own personal work. Using many Native American-crafting techniques, from beading to leather-work, and combining this with her contemporary approach to mixed media, she creates unique and haunting pieces. “Using different media, I work to create a visual emotion that comes from my core. My subject matter usually relates to the passage of time and comes from what I experience in the natural world. I work to connect my relationships to birds, animals, people and natural events, and in part, to what I experience in my dreams.” The exhibit, on display through March, also features collaborative pieces with Lillian R Nelson,The Delusional Artist.

Location: E3 Convergence Gallery 229 W. Main St. Missoula, MT