MASC Summer Camp 2018

Mon Jun 18 2018 - Fri Jun 22 2018, 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM

A unique and super fun camp for ages 7-12
$125 with early bird by May 18, 2018

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. Enrollment closes June 11, however you may opt to pay by the day for $45/day, drop-in rate.

MASC Kids Camps focus on mindfulness, body awareness, movement and expression. We offer an alternative format of instruction that allows kids to express unique talents and passions.

Our experienced and qualified instructors teach with a child-centered understanding to ensure every kiddo has an experience that improves their self-esteem. Each class includes age appropriate games and conditioning designed to increase strength, dexterity, and agility. So your kids can dazzle you with their fresh steez and skillz, on the last day of camps and series, friends and family are invited to an informal performance!

Rotating Instructors teach the fundamentals of sequencing the arts of aerial, flow, equilibristics, acrobatics, and dance. Kids spirits soar as they spin skills on aerial hammock/sling, rope, static trapeze, movement props like staffs, hoops, poi, juggling, and slack line, build acrobatic skills, and develop personal steez with hip hop and other dance styles!

Location: MASC Studio 1200 Shakespeare St. Ste. #2 Missoula, MT