TRANSCEND Artist Reception: An evening with artist Rae Senarighi

Fri Jun 22 2018, 05:30 PM - 09:00 PM

Join us for a special Artist Reception with Rae Senarighi, creator of the TRANSCEND series. Rae will discuss “ Radical Self Love and Artistic Integrity “. An open floor discussion and Q & A will follow. All are welcome. June 22nd, 5:30- 9:00 pm, or contact the gallery directly by phone at 406-549-8589.

Fine artist, designer, and muralist, Rae Senarighi (b. 1979) is best known for vivid colorful abstarcts, intricate typography, and bold transfixing portraits of modern icons. After studying fine art at the University of Montana (2000,2004), Rae finished his BFA degree at the Art Institute of Seattle in 2009. Rae’s detailed, thoughtful works are influenced by nearly a decade of scientific illustration, studying the natural world in micro and macro. His illustrations have been internationally published in Cell, Nature and Science Magazines among others. After facing cancer in 2015, Rae refocused energy into creating fine art. Rae is a transgender non binary artist currently living and working in Portland, Oregon.

Transgender is not just about one experience, not linear and not simple. Each transgender person in unique with incredibly diverse experiences, yet tea re united in a common struggle. Portraits in this series are of individuals living their lives out in the open, and choosing integrity over safety. To live openly as transgender requires personal courage to live authentically in oppressive environments. This series is a direct response to the oppression experience by transgender people as they reclaim space, both literally in larger than life portraits, and figuratively under a vast blue sky. May joy, power, and blue skies be a reality for transgender and gender non-conforming community everywhere. “The more we are willing to become authentic rather than conventional, and the more unique, unconventional, or creative a being we
are… the more we need to eschew conditioning for aliveness” Brene Brown

Location: frame of mind 1706 brooks st Missoula, MT