Film: "National Velvet" in conjunction with the MMAC exhibition "Horse"

Mon Aug 13 2018, 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Monday, August 13, MMAC and the Roxy Theater present Horse film series: “National Velvet” in conjunction with the exhibition Horse, 7:00pm, The Roxy Theater, 718 Higgins Ave., $8/$7 for students & seniors.

Meloy Gallery | June 7 – September Sept 22, 2018
Horses played a foundational role in the early history of the American West. From Spanish breeds used by Native Americans and explorers to mining ponies and professional rodeo lines, equines played a critical role in human work and leisure. The exhibition features prints, photographs, paintings, sculpture, drawings, and textiles. Included are works from both the MMAC Permanent Collection and private collections by artists Arnold, Rudy Autio, Bodily, Bonjorni, Dana, Dolack, Eggenhofer, Frostad, Gogas, Horse, Johns, Lubo, Miller, Meloy, Miles, Morbillo, Morris, Muybridge, Powell, Rice, Quick-to-See Smith, Steele, Waddell, and Wieghorst.

Location: University of Montana/Montana Museum of Art & Culture PARTV Center University of Montana Missoula, MT