Exhibitions : Corwin Clairmont: Two-Headed Arrow/The Tar Sands Project

Sat Aug 11 2018, 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Corwin “Corky” Clairmont is one of Montana’s most important living artists. He is a soft-spoken man who has expressed his strong convictions through art for five decades. He spent the 1970s as a practicing artist and professor at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, where he was influenced by his contemporary, John Baldessari, and the conceptual art movement that was gaining steam. Clairmont’s visual language has fully developed over his long career. He adeptly combines the methods of conceptualism to guide content with a mastery of printmaking to create richly-colored monotypes that are layered with symbolism. He consistently addresses themes of environmental degradation and the effects on humans and wildlife.

Location: Missoula Art Museum 335 North Pattee Missoula, MT