UM Planetarium Public Show

Fri Nov 30 2018, 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

"Inferring the Structure of our Galaxy with the Naked Eye" with Dr. Nate McCrady

Shows are on Friday evenings from 6 - 7 pm or 7:30 -8:30 pm. Tickets are $6 (adults) and $4 (children 12 and under). During each public program we will take you on a tour of the current night skies of Missoula, pointing out noteworthy objects, constellations, planets, or upcoming events visible in the night sky. The show will then shift to an engaging topic chosen by that evening's presenter. Topics could range from a focus on unique night sky phenomena, our solar system and its exploration, extrasolar planets found within the Milky Way, stellar groupings in our galaxy, or large scale patterns of the universe as a whole. Purchase tickets online. Tickets are not sold at the door

Location: UM Planetarium - Payne Family Native American Center 32 Campus Drive Missoula, MT