Missoula Children's Theatre: Johnny Appleseed

Sat Feb 16 2019, 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM

They say an apple never falls far from the tree, and we have Johnny and his good pals, the Appleseeds, to thank for an ample abundance of apple trees! Johnny and his little buddies traveled across the land on foot, made friends with all kinds of people and animals, and slept under the twinkling stars. Their delicious, heartwarming adventures yielded orchards full of juicy, delectable fruit that nourished hungry tummies across the west. Even a grumbly wolf is won over by the sweet taste of the apples and the kindness of friends. The tale of Johnny Appleseed is a tasty reminder that kindness is at the core of friendship.

Location: MCT Center for the Performing Arts 200 N Adams St Missoula, MT

(406) 728-1911