State of the Young Child: Caring for Children, Our Best Investment

Tue Apr 25 2017, 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM

Leaders in health, business, and early childhood are invited to participate in this event highlighting issues that impact young children and families in Missoula. In order for a child to grow up to become a healthy and productive adult, they need to have quality early childcare, education, and healthcare. Our keynote speaker will be Mike Halligan, Executive Director of the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation.At this luncheon we will be discussing:
why investing in early childhood is so important;
creative solutions to address childcare scarcity; and
how the medical community and childcare/service providers can better connect to support families
There will be two trainings held in the morning about the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) and Child Sexual Abuse. Trainings will be $10 each. Early Childhood Credit will be available. Learn more at the Healthy Start Missoula's website:

Contact details: For questions or to learn more about the event contact Leah Fitch at or call 406-258-3020.

How to Register: Register at

Location: Hilton Garden Inn 3720 N. Reserve Street Missoula, MT