Rock Stars Of Health Summit

Wed Sep 27 2017 - Fri Sep 29 2017, 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM

ll of us have been to a medical, wellness, or employee health conference where you’re sitting through speaker after speaker and you hear the same old stuff. Or the information and studies sound good, but you know it can’t be applied where you work. You leave uninspired and feeling like you really didn’t learn anything that you didn’t already know. Well, hold on tight. Get ready to rock at the 2017 Rock Stars of Health Summit!

The 2017 Summit has assembled a fresh group of national thought leaders, industry experts and executive leadership from organizations across the U.S. They’ll discuss new technologies and innovations, and leave you with an action plan to change the health and well-being of individuals, businesses and our communities.

The Summit is designed for the forward thinkers, innovators, & game-changers in employee health. It’s meant for leaders driving business decisions, the people in the trenches, and those who desire to be on the cutting edge of employee health, wellness, personal health, & patient care.

This summit is designed for:

CEOs, CFOs, and HR Professionals trying to make sense of big data, analytics, and all the promises of finding “needles in haystacks” – yet their healthcare costs and health plan costs continue to skyrocket.
Employers who want to provide superior benefits and healthcare for their employees on a limited budget;
Doctors, nurses, case managers, disease managers, specialty pharmacy managers, dietitians, diabetes educators, and other healthcare providers focused on providing high value care;
Wellness Professionals who are tired of the same old messages at conferences, like “how to get more engagement, how to get more leadership buy-in, & which incentives work best” – it’s for those who want more!
The Summit presentations, coupled with round table and informal discussions throughout the three days, are designed to leave you with a blueprint to positively impact the organizations in which you work and live. If you’re looking for an experience that will rock you into a new dimension of healthcare thinking, then join us for the Rock Stars of Health Summit on September 27-29, 2017 in scenic Missoula, Montana.

And employers…. we want to recognize you. If you want your organization to be recognized for the great work you are doing for employees, apply for the Employer Rock Stars of Health awards.

Location: University of Montana UC Ball Room 32 Campus Dr Missoula, MT