Cycling in the Expanded Field: A Tour of Former Land Art Sites

Sun Aug 13 2017, All Day

Join Whitney Ford-Terry for a peripatetic conversation and one-day bicycle tour to the site of former land art installations in and around Missoula. The trip begins at Missoula Art Park and is approximately 30 miles one-way. Cyclists are responsible for their own gear, food, and water. Participants may arrange for a return pick-up.

RSVP to Missoula Art Museum at (406) 728-0447.

While the artworks no longer exist, having been ephemeral, temporal, or destroyed, they continue to have a presence in the Missoula community. Works visited include Dennis Oppenheim’s Wishing the Mountain Madness (1977), his explosion-based piece Three Downward Blows (Knuckle Marks) (1977), and ending at Nancy Holt’s Missoula Ranch Locators (1974), installed at artist Ted Waddell’s former ranch in Arlee.

Location: Missoula Art Museum 335 N. Pattee Missoula, MT