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The Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History promotes the commemoration and study of the U.S. armed services, from the Frontier Period to the War on Terrorism. The Museum strives to impart a greater understanding of the roles played by America's service-men and service-women through this period of dramatic global change. The U.S. Fourth Infantry Regiment and the Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the Museum buildings (ca. 1936) during the Great Depression. Headquartered in Buildings T-310 and T-316 by special arrangement with the Montana National Guard, the Museum Exhibits from a wide collection of documents and artifacts, ranging from Civil War artillery to Vietnam-Era anti-tank missiles.

In 2008, the Museum added an extensive exhibit centering upon the World War II attack transport USS Missoula, which provided the first flag to be flown over Mr. Suribachi during the 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima. The display includes information on US Marine flag raiser PFC Louis Charlo of Western Montana, and a detailed scale model of USS Missoula.

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