10 Pictures of Winter in Missoula That Will Wow You

10 Pictures of Winter in Missoula That Will Wow You

Montana is a four-season beauty, and perhaps no time sparkles and shines quite as much as winter. The snow-capped mountains are matched by an equally snowy valley that screams "winter wonderland" around every curve and corner. The bold sunset hues of summer make way for softer shades in winter, with baby pinks and blues adorning the winter sky reflecting off the white canvas below. The sun shines somehow brighter against a bluebird sky, and the river steadily runs through heart of town, even if it is iced over! Here are 10 gorgeous shots of Missoula in the wintertime that are sure to "wow" you.

Winter sunsets in Missoula never disappoint

The annual Parade of Lights is always festive fun

Missoula is walkable all year long

A gorgeous blanket of clouds settles over Missoula Valley

Bluebirds skies and breathtaking mountains

Winter in Missoula is fun for the whole family

The University of Montana looking stunning as ever

Downtown Missoula knows how to shine

Snow days mean breaking out the skis... in town!

Pure wintertime mountain magic

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