Four Seasons


Missoula has all four seasons - the original divisions of the year as determined by Mother Nature.

We don't have a "mudslide season", "tornado season" or "hurricane season", and the simple thought of a Tsunami is ridiculous! So no matter when you decide to visit us, you will find a spectacular season waiting just for you. Whether relaxed or invigorating, our seasons are sure to keep you entertained and create a life-time of memories. Click here to learn more about Missoula's weather.


There are several things you’ll see leading up to a warm spring in Missoula: The snow melting, the flowers and trees beginning to bloom, and the grass and bushes popping up to show their true colors after a long, cold winter. The views of the valley come into focus with splashes of color from the fresh wildflowers. The rolling hills of Mount Sentinel and Mount Jumbo are a lush green, and the skies are clear and sunny with perfect patches of rain here and there. Oh, we still get an occasional snowfall in the spring, right up until June some years, but not enough to make us fret because spring in Missoula is full of awesome activities and events.

Whether you’re hiking, biking or taking a fun day trip to a nearby hot spring, there’s always something exciting to do outside this time of year. And on those lovely, rainy spring days, you can stroll around Missoula’s stunning museums or gallery spaces before heading to a local eatery for a tasty meal. And let’s be honest— there’s never a wrong time to check out the wide-variety of shops for some much-needed retail therapy. Whatever you choose to do with your spring time here in Missoula, you’ll be sure to enjoy it.


Summer in Missoula is more than a season, more than a series of dates on a calendar. It is a state of mind. A time to explore a little more, stay out a little later, be a little bolder, and find gratitude for each day.

Missoula temperatures in the summer are glorious, ranging from the upper 60's on the cooler end to upper 90's in August. And once those numbers start rising, you can expect to see locals pulling out their summer activities checklist. Guests and visitors alike can be found with fly fishing rods, paddle boards, tubes, rafts and boats, enjoying the numerous rivers and not so distant lakes.

Countless hikes with bright wildflowers and green hills await you. Breweries and distilleries break out the newest seasonal beverage, while local shops open their front doors just enough to let fresh air in—and for you to peek inside! But the thing we love most about Missoula in the summer, is all the stellar outdoor concerts, farmers markets and events that bring the community together with smiling, sunkissed faces.


Fall is a season of change. This time of year, crisper mornings quietly move in, leaving thin layers of frost in their wake. Snow will begin to accumulate high in the surrounding mountains, creating a view of lovely crested peaks. Vibrant autumn colors will seem to appear overnight, telling the birds to pack up and wait out the cold months down south. Our beloved University brings in new faces, friendships and experiences that keep the ever changing and youthful heart of the town beating. All of these signs point to the arrival of fall in Missoula.

There is no shortage of things to do in Missoula during the fall season. Be a part of the community spirit by hitting a Griz football game and cheer on the home team at a stunning stadium. Take a stroll along one of the many incredible trails to view the changing foliage, or visit a pumpkin patch with loved ones for fun fall-themed festivities. Get cozy on a rainy day with a good book and a tasty treat, or grab a seasonal beer with friends at a local brewery. The opportunities are endless this time of year, and the events in Missoula are always plentiful.


Missoula is a dream during the winter season—fall colors fade into snow-covered scenery, perfect for outdoor winter activities. But we're not all outdoor adventure and powder days in Missoula! This vibrant mountain town is alive with holiday festivities and opportunities to shop, eat and drink—not to mention fun ways to stay warm and toasty while enjoying the season. Missoula is the kind of place that always gives a warm welcome, even on the coldest days.

Like we said, Missoula is full of festivities this time of year, and we know how to celebrate the season for maximum merriment. Every year Missoulians and visitors alike gather downtown for the Festival of the Trees, Parade of Lights Holiday Window Decorating Contest and twinkling lights adorning the streets and storefronts. And downtown celebrations are only the beginning in Missoula—take your four-legged friend on a snowy hike at these dog-friendly trails, or visit local shops across town. Get into the holiday spirit with fun events and promotions, while restaurants, breweries, distilleries and bars offer creative (and delicious) holiday specials. And when it comes to the arts, you can't beat Missoula’s small-town charm and bigtime talent.

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