13 views of Spring in Missoula

13 views of Spring in Missoula

Blue Mountain Recreation area

Spring in Missoula, Montana

The trails at Blue Mountain Recreation area are pet-friendly.  They offer great views of spring in Missoula Valley.

Waterworks HillMissoula Valley

Mt Sentinel and Mt Jumbo turn the brightest shade of green during spring in Missoula.

Riverfront Trails Walking Bridge - Missoula, Montana

The riverfront walking trails and pedestrian bridges in downtown Missoula offer unique views of the city, and the river that runs through it.

Spring in Missoula

The Garden City comes to life in the spring.

River Surfing in Downtown Missoula

Spring at Brennan's Wave in downtown Missoula

University of Montana IMG_4920

Hike up the "M" trail at the University of Montana for one of the most iconic views in town.

Montana Spring

Overlooking the Missoula Valley from Waterworks Hill

Pattee Canyon

Scenic Trails in Missoula, Montana

Just about anyone will smile while strolling through Pattee Canyon's lush spring greenery.

University of Montana Spring

Spring at Caras Park

Spring in Caras Park - Missoula, Montana
The parks around Missoula show off their shades of green each spring in Missoula.

Spring Sunset Missoula

Late spring sunset at Brennan's Wave

Mount Sentinel Spring

Spring at the University of Montana 13007269_10154107410364110_4165416404585145125_n



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