2015 Montana Book Festival

2015 Montana Book Festival

The 16th annual Montana Book Festival is a celebration of literature in Missoula, Montana. The festival takes place September 10-13th, and includes events for every book lover.  From Tiny Tales for the youngest members of the family, to workshops for teens, as well as graphic artist lectures and documentary film screenings the events all come together to create a wonderful literary experience.

2015 Montana Book Festival

The 2015 Montana Book Festival includes over 50 different speakers, as well as artist's and poets from around Montana and the Pacific Northwest.  Special lectures and events will include the always popular Pie & Whiskey Reading, and an Authors Reception, as well as the Farewell Beer Social on Sunday, September 13th.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 10th

  • Tiny Tales
  • Draw Yourself a Story
  • Literary Citizenship: Connecting in the Community
  • Poetry Reading: Marc Beaudin and Gary Whited
  • Words with Wings: Children's Poetry Reading
  • FanFiction: Drew and Crew
  • Create your own Universe: Workshop for Teens
  • Open Country Reading Series
  • Pie & Whiskey

Friday, September 11th

  • History Press Panel: Military Montana
  • MWC Poets in Residence
  • Poetry Reading
  • Story Time
  • Tiny Tales
  • History Press Panel: Reading & Baseball
  • History Press Panel: Montana Nature Narratives
  • Humble Pie: The Opposite of Eating your Words
  • University of Montana Literary Magazine Reading
  • A Closer Look at Montana
  • Repast with D.A. Powell
  • Book Clubs: Print & Digital
  • Writers of Place: A Fiction Reading
  • Queer Women Writing the West
  • Raising the Pulse: Writing Violence
  • Revising the Western Narrative
  • Montana's Ponderosa Forests
  • Jack Nisbet: People and Landscape
  • Lunch box Podcast: J. Robert Lennon & Ed Skoog
  • Many Hats: Striking A Balanace
  • The Writing, the Mirror and the Map
  • Writing our National Parks
  • Stoneydale Press Reading
  • Hick Poetics: Songs from the Woodline
  • Creating Stories with Sneed
  • Literary Trivia
  • A Tribute to Ivan Doig
  • Many ways to Tell a Story
  • Tin Types: A Photo-Poetic Collaboration
  • Lets Get Graphic
  • Author Reception: A Writers and Readers Party
  • With A Whiz and A Pop!
  • Storyteller Celebration: Tell Us Something and Stephen Graham Jones
  • A Conversation with Kate Bolick and Sarah Hepola
  • Poetry Slam

Saturday, September 12th

  • Book'n it for the Library Race
  • History Press Panel: Historic Infrastructure
  • Women Writing Montana: A Reading
  • Divergent Paths to Self-Publishing
  • People before the Park
  • The Poetics of Hustle
  • Freelance Writing: Markets, Marketing, Freedom, and Funding
  • Phoenix Block Reading Series
  • Three Knockout First Novels
  • Reading with Bryce Andrews
  • The Morning Stretch:  Writing and Yoga
  • Around the world in 50 Minutes
  • Storytime on the Range
  • Animal Weapons: Doug Emlen and Illustrator David J. Tuss
  • The Essay: Creative Research and Compilation
  • The Literary Fantastic: At Play with Genre in Literary Fiction
  • Deja Everything: Surrealism in Contemporary American Poetry
  • Rick DeMarinins Lifetime Achievement Panel
  • Missoula Writing Collaborative: Flathead Children's Reading
  • Author Luncheon with Smith Henderson
  • Idea Hunting: Stalking the Next Story
  • Image and Text: Intersections
  • Memoir: The life of Travel
  • Tin House Discussion
  • Where Nature meets Culture
  • YesYes Books: Small Press Poetry
  • Reading with Annick Smith and James Lee Burke
  • Regional FMA Reading
  • Plateau Art and Poetry
  • YA Fantasy Panel
  • Novel Novels
  • Publishing Perspectives: Who Gets Published, Why and How
  • Race, Priveldge and Poetry
  • Poetry Reading: Madelon Sprengnether, Gary Thompson and Brian Laidlaw
  • Rejection Open Mic
  • YA Realism Panel
  • Defying Genre: Writing outside the box
  • Submission to Montana Publishing Houses
  • Poetry Reading: Allison Hedge Coke
  • UM Creative Writing Faculty Reading
  • YA Dark Contemporary Panel
  • Poetry Reading: Rick Barot, Joanna Klink, and Ed Skoog
  • Charles D'Ambrosio: A Reading
  • Salamanders Music Workshop
  • Reinventing Radio: An Evening with Ira Glass presented by MTPR
  • CutBank Afterparty with Live music

Sunday, September 13th

  • Farewell Beer Social, presented by History Press
  • Screening of "Hot Hype: 150 Years of the Nation"


For more information on the individual event times and locations visit our Missoula events page.

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