2015 Missoula Osprey Schedule

2015 Missoula Osprey Schedule

Cheering for the Missoula Osprey Professional Baseball Club is a summer past-time in Missoula.  With more than a dozen home games each season, and several fireworks displays the Missoula Osprey games are fun for the whole family.  This seasons, the opening game is June 24th with several fun nights schedule throughout the summer, such as t-shirt night and bobbleheads night.  This seasons Osprey schedule even includes special nights to bring along the 4-legged family members.



June 24th

Opening night for the Osprey home games, and Game Show Night

June 25th

Magnet Schedule Night

June 26th

Fireworks Extravaganza

June 27th

Saturday Weekly Brewfest, Big Sky Cheer Camp Performance and Launch-a-Ball

June 28th

Senior Sunday and Hit the Books Night

June 29th

Little League night, Military Monday, and Family Night


July 2nd

Ronald McDonald House Jersey Night, and Outdoors Night

July 3rd

Fireworks Extravaganza, Launch-a-Ball, and Ronald McDonald House Jersey Night

July 7th

Bike to the Ballpark, and Hit the Books Night

July 8th

Game Show Night and Hellgate Cheer Camp Performance

July 9th

Ladies Night

July 10th

Bobblehead Night - Sparky the Fire Dog

July 11th

Saturday Weekly Brewfest

July 12

Faith and Family Night, Senior Sunday

July 13th

Military Monday, Local Heroes Night

July 22nd

Game Show Night

July 23

July 24th

Fireworks Extravaganza, Pioneer Days, and Photo Night

July 25th

Saturday Weekly Brewfest

July 28th

Environmental Awareness Night, Pioneer Days

July 29th

Game Show Night

July 30th

University of Montana Alumni Night

July 31st

Jake Lamb T-shirts


August 1st

Bark in the Park, Pet Adoption Night, Saturday Weekly Brewfest

August 2nd

Medical Professional Night, Senior Sunday

August 14th

Fireworks Extravaganza, and Scout Night

August 15th

Renew Your Wedding Vows Night, Diamond Night, Saturday Weekly Brewfest

August 16th

Faith and Family Night, Senior Sunday, Hit the Books Wildcard Night, Teacher Appreciation Night

August 17th

Family Night, Military Monday

August 18th

Neighborhood Night, Bike to the Ballpark

August 19th

Game Show Night

August 20th

Stand Up 2 Cancer Night

August 25th

Bike to the Ballpark

August 26th

Game Show Night


September 1st

College Colors Day, and Bike to the Ballpark Night

September 2nd

Salute to Veterans Night, Game Show Night

September 3rd

Fan Appreciation Night, Team Photo

September 4th

Fireworks Extravaganza

For specific times for each game, visit our Events Page or head to the Missoula Osprey's website to find out ticket prices and details for each of their promotional nights.  Then head to the ballpark for a summer of fun.

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