24 Coolest Towns in the USA - Missoula, MT

24 Coolest Towns in the USA - Missoula, MT

Matador Network just published their list of the 24 Coolest Towns in the USA and included Missoula on the list!  Their whimsical list of America's Coolest Towns includes cities from coast to coast.  They even included a fellow Montana town, Cooke City!

Downtown MissoulaMatador Network referred to Missoula as a,"Powerhouse college town with next level wilderness access", and we completely agree.   Missoula has Glacier National Park to the north and is surrounded by countless miles of national forestry land. All of these open spaces make Missoula a wilderness adventurer's delight.

Visit one of America's 24 Coolest Towns:

Plan your next adventure in Missoula, we would love to help!  Chat with one of our experts or order a visitor guide to make planning a visit to Missoula easier.


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