5 River Activities To Try in Missoula, Montana

5 River Activities To Try in Missoula, Montana

Missoula isn’t the only town that has a river that you can recreate on. But how many of those other rivers take you from serene backcountry, right through the heart of downtown?  There is a reason Missoula has been voted one of the best river towns in America, by Outside Magazine.

Favorite river activities:

1.  Floating the Clark Fork through town on an inner tube.

On a hot Missoula day you will be sure to find hundreds of floaters passing through town on their tubes. If you decide to join them, they might even be generous to share their beer with you.  Just make sure to leave the glass at home and take any garbage from the float with you.

2.  Stand-Up Paddle Boarding up and down the river.

If tubing isn’t for you, the Clark Fork River is the perfect river to try out your stand-up paddle boarding skills.   Growing in popularity, a number of companies offer rentals and some tips before you hit the water.

3.  Fishing

Come and discover some of the amazing views around Missoula while fishing in some of the most prime undisturbed waters that nature has to offer.  With locations varying from downtown to scenic hideaways, there is a perfect spot for every fisherman.  For more information on fishing in Missoula, Montana check out this page.

4.  Kayaking in the center of Missoula.

Brennan’s Wave is a man made whitewater wave and a tribute to late Missoula native and world-class kayaker, Brennan Guth. The wave is referred to as a kayaker’s paradise and is home to many whitewater championships in the area. If kayaking, is your speed, try out your hand on Brennan’s wave.

5.  Mountain Surfing.

Get out your surfboards, because the rivers in Missoula are not just for kayaks anymore!   Brennan’s wave is the perfect place to try out a new way to enjoy the rivers, surfing.  With surfboards built specifically for the river, water lovers and spectators alike can enjoy the rivers that flow through Missoula in a whole new way.  Local adventure’s can enjoy the rivers in a whole new light, and with the Clark Fork rivers higher flows the waters in Missoula can be enjoyed for much of the year.

These are just some of the great river activities to enjoy here in Missoula.

For more information on water recreation in Missoula visit our Outdoor Recreation page.

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