America's Least-Stressed Cities - Missoula, Montana

America's Least-Stressed Cities - Missoula, Montana

This summer Smart Asset released it's list of the America's least-stressed cities and the Top 10 includes Missoula, Montana!

least-stressed cities in America

Many factors were considered in their findings including health and exercise opportunities, to employment and education.

"Missoula, Montana is home to the University of Montana and is Montana’s second-largest city. It had the highest physical activity rate on our top ten list, with 65.3% of residents getting the recommended amount of weekly exercise. No wonder it ranked first in our 2016 study of the Most Fitness-Friendly Cities." - Smart Asset

Visitors and residents of Missoula enjoy many ways to relax and feel stress free in The Garden City with 400 acres of parks, riverfront trails, and outdoor recreation opportunities around every corner of the city.



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