Go for a Run in Missoula

Go for a Run in Missoula

Running in Missoula, Montana is exciting, and always changing.  With scenic views, and city trails there is a path and an event for every running, as well as the non-runners.  A local group, Run Wild Missoula organizes several of the Missoula running events throughout the year and even a few fun runs like the weekly Beer Run.  With other runs in Missoula being organized by several other groups around town, including the city of Missoula, Runners Edge and more.

Take a run in Missoula with one of these events:


"For a city of just under 70,000 people, Missoula hosts an extraordinarily large and thriving running community.  The local running club, Run Wild Missoula, has close to 1,500 members and you can find multiple local races to test your skills almost every weekend of the year. " ~ Mike Foote, Professional Trail Runner and Runner's Edge employee.

Watch our Events Page for updated information, times and locations for all of the running events in Missoula, Montana.



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