Let's Go Play Bingo

Let's Go Play Bingo

Winter, spring, summer or fall there are a few events that go on in Missoula year round, one of them is Bingo!  Why bingo?  Because sometimes you just need to get out of the house and mingle with people.  Even Missoulians have to come in from the snow and mountains occasionally, and when they do there is bingo.

Playing is a great way to meet a new group of people, or a way to put down the phones and connect with friends.  Here in Missoula there are several places to play bingo on a daily and weekly basis.  Just to name a few of the options:

Specialty  Nights

Hump Night Bingo at Sean Kelly's starting at 8:30pm.  But get there early, the seats fill up fast.

Mondays at Old Beck VFW Post 209.  They are on 245 W Main Street here in Missoula.

River City Bingo which presents bingo at 2 locations in town: "You will not be shunned if you don’t have your own dauber, there are no bright fluorescent lights, and the drinks will flow. This IS NOT Grandma’s bingo" ~ River City Bingo

Broadway Bar  at The Broadway Inn on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

Lucky Strike Bar & Casino on Wednesday and Friday nights at 7pm.

Bingo All the time

If you are looking for a game on any day of the week, you are in luck.  Bingo off Broadway (2500 Murphy St) has bingo 7 days a week!

Special Events

There are even annual bingo events in Missoula, like the Annual Turkey Bingo - proceeds go to The Max Wave.  Watch for these fun special events on our events page .  http://www.destinationmissoula.org/events.php

With all of these options, why not get out of the house - grab a couple cards and enjoy a game or two.  Who knows, you might a new favorite way to spend the evening here in Missoula.

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