Live from Missoula: Misty Mtn

Live from Missoula: Misty Mtn

Mo Trunzo, singer of the local up-and-coming band, Misty Mtn, sits atop one of the hand-made, wooden ponies at the Missoula Carousel. Her long, red, leather jacket compliments the vibrant colors surrounding her. She looks directly at the camera and begins to sing a slow, sweet melody. The tempo picks up as she walks over to her bandmate, Lucas Segal, who sits on the other side of the carousel playing the backing music on a synth keyboard. 

The Missoula Carousel is one of four locations in town where Trunzo and Segal performed and filmed a single song.

Trunzo, lead singer of the Misty Mtn, grew up in Frenchtown, Montana.

I started playing piano and writing original songs at a really young age and as I got older, I wanted to turn that into an alter-ego of some sort; hence Misty Mtn,” Trunzo said.

The other half of the band, Segall, hails from Los Angeles and plays the guitar, synth, keys and sings backup vocals as well. Like Trunzo, he started playing music at a young age, moving from classical and composition, to experimental, to his current musical production of indie-pop.

During the pandemic, Trunzo and Segall had the idea to film one song at four different Missoula businesses.

“We had such writer's block at the start of the pandemic but we forced ourselves everyday to go on hikes, sit on rocks in the river, take our bikes downtown and just really dig into what we wanted to write about. And we couldn't have gotten past that writer’s block without everything that makes Missoula special,” Misty Mtn said. 

The duo said they wanted to showcase local businesses in the community that meant something to them. They reached out to Leaf + Quiet, Free Cycles, GILD, and A Carousel for Missoula to pitch their single-song video idea. The band was welcomed with open arms.

The four songs are from their EP 'Weren't Those the Days.’ 'In the Deep End' was shot at Leaf + Quiet, 'Weren't Those the Days' at Free Cycles, 'Beachwood' in the arcade at GILD, and 'The Seasons' at A Carousel for Missoula. The songs were filmed and photographed, respectively, by Missoula locals, Colter Olmstead (@colterolmstead) and Rio Chantel (@riochantel). 

Though they are normally based in Missoula, Misty Mtn is taking time to work on projects in Los Angeles. They plan on playing live shows in Missoula in 2022 and in the meantime, hope to spread the word about their EP.

“For right now we really just want to plug 'Weren't Those the Days' — we are so unbelievably proud of it and think that a lot of people will relate to it,” Misty Mtn said.

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Weren't Those the Days


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