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The internationally famed “Maggotfest” is returning for its 47th year! For the unfamiliar, Maggotfest isn’t a celebration of creepy crawlies — instead, it is an annual rugby tournament like no other. Hosted by the Missoula All-Maggots Rugby Club, the event draws teams from all over the world for a revelrous weekend of competition and camaraderie.



To truly encapsulate the essence of Maggotfest, one must appreciate its history. Originating with a small group of rugby enthusiasts in the late 1970s, the Missoula Rugby Club quickly grew into a tight-knit group within the Zootown community. By the early 1980s, the club established Maggotfest to bring together regional teams for a friendly competition and  it quickly transformed into the social rugby festival it is today — attracting teams from all corners of the globe.



Maggotfest is a whirlwind of excitement and entertainment from start to finish! Picture this: 48 teams clad in outrageous costumes, spectators cheering from the sidelines with beers in hand, and live music filling the air. But the weekend is just as much about the extracurriculars as it is about rugby. With barbecues, downtown block parties, rafting trips and so much more, participants are treated to some of Missoula’s favorite warm weather pastimes all weekend long, accompanied by their fellow “ruggers.”



The unique “festival-style social rugby tournament” focuses on inclusivity and the bonding aspects of the sport. Thus it is designed as a non-elimination style bracket. While competitive play and sportsmanship are key components of the sport, the social focus of Maggotfest is what truly makes it a sports tournament like no other. Regardless of gender, age or skill level, everyone is welcome to participate in Maggotfest: Whether as a player, a spectator or simply a curious passerby, you’re invited to join in on the fun.



Today, Maggotfest continues to thrive as one of the most anticipated events on the Missoula calendar. With teams traveling from far and wide to take part in the festivities, Maggotfest has become a celebration of not just rugby, but also of community, friendship and the joy of living life to the fullest.



So, if you ever find yourself in Missoula during the springtime, do yourself a favor and experience the magic of Maggotfest for yourself. Who knows? You might just find yourself falling in love with the quirky charm of this one-of-a-kind event.

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