Mastering Missoula's Rivers with the Montana River Guides

Mastering Missoula's Rivers with the Montana River Guides

Three rivers run through Missoula, offering everything from a lazy midday float to multi-day whitewater adventures. Whatever floats your boat (or tube, or raft, or paddleboard—you get it).

When it comes to navigating the rivers around Missoula, the Montana River Guides (MRG) are local legends. This custom river outfitter has been guiding on Missoula’s iconic rivers since 1994, and they remain the only company in Montana certified to teach river rescue, as well as the only company offering guided riverboard trips. With over 20 years of experience under their belt, MRG now estimates that 70% of their guests are repeat customers or referred from a friend—proof that MRG has mastered the art of “going with the flow.”

In addition to your standard whitewater and scenic trips, MRG stands out from other outfitters by offering their full and half-day riverboarding adventures on the Alberton Gorge. Swim up to 10 miles through the ancient river canyon, surfing mountain waves and learning the ins and outs of riverboarding along the way. Missoula is one of the few places in North America where you can experience a guided riverboarding trip, and the adrenaline-filled sport is well worth the journey.

MRG is just one of the countless river outfitters serving Missoula—learn more and book your next whitewater adventure here.

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