Missoula Coffee Shop Specialties

Missoula Coffee Shop Specialties

Coffee is big in Missoula.  In-fact you will find several locally owned shops or kiosks on nearly every main street intersection.  With each shop creating it’s own personality and take on drinks, there is a variety of choices for all levels of coffee appreciation.

Some local shops have become known for certain drinks or goodies.  Sure everyone has a cup of coffee, and they can all whip up a latte like you would expect but the local flavors and drinks are where things get interesting.   This is what sets some of the Missoula coffee shops apart from the others.

Coffee Shop Specialties

Florence Coffee Company

They make huckleberry smoothies with local huckleberries. They also have the largest selection of syrups in town.  Of course, they serve up some tasty coffee drinks as well!

Liquid Planet

With several locations around town, there is sure to be a Liquid Planet near you.  Try their Chai!

Lighthouse Espresso

Try their “Kiss Me Kate” drink, as well as some quick and easy breakfast items.

Zootown Brew

Try their regular cup of coffee, it is French pressed and made at least every hour.  Also a great place to people watch, their downtown location has a great laid back atmosphere.

Hunter Bay Coffee

Montana Made, Try their Mexican Mocha for a sweet treat to delight your taste buds.  Hunter Bay is also a coffee roaster, which Bernice's Bakers gladly brews up daily.

The Grizzly Bean

If you are looking for a sweet treat, try their Peanut Butter Mocha Latte.  It is like your favorite peanut butter cup with a coffee kick.

Loose Caboose

Try “The Griz” which is a special flavor mix of huckleberries and mocha, or a Chubby Bunny , which should remind you of a melted marshmallow and chocolate dessert.  Plus their caboose style buildings are just fun.

Break Espresso

Great coffee and drinks, with a nice atmosphere it sit and relax.  But the in-house bakery, now that could make this your go to spot.  Try a brewed coffee and a muffin to go, when you are on the run.

Black Coffee Roasting Company

With an excellent eye for small batch roasting, the crew at Black Coffee Roasting Company also creates one of the creamiest espressos in town.

From a freshly brewed drip coffee, to espresso drinks and more Missoula’s love of coffee shines through it’s unique locally owned shops.  As well as their local roasts, there are many more to try here so do not just stop with the list above.  Check out all of the coffee shops and let us know where you found your perfect cup of coffee in Missoula.

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