Missoula in Top 40 Most Arts-Vibrant Communities in U.S.

Missoula in Top 40 Most Arts-Vibrant Communities in U.S.

Missoula was recently recognized in SMU DataArts 2022 list of the top 40 most arts-vibrant communities in the US—and we can't help it. We've got to brag just a little bit.

I mean, how can anyone ignore Missoula's vibrant downtown, where alleys, sidewalks and even electrical boxes are used as canvases for local artists? Or not notice our charming, riverside "city" contains enough museums and galleries to make the heart of any art-lover soar?

For those who don't know—Missoula has a jam-packed calendar of musical performances and lively festivals that fill up the streets and venues across town, year-round. We host loads of local bands and world-famous acts at stunning indoor spots, like the historic Wilma Theatre, and have also made an impression on concert-goers and performers alike with our scenic outdoor venues (check out the award-winning KettleHouse Amphitheater, nestled along the Blackfoot River).  And if Bluegrass or Rock 'n' Roll isn't your thing, you'll love the Missoula Symphony. These talented classical composers and touring instrumentalists perform next to the river in Caras Park during the summer months, and in music halls at the University of Montana in the chillier seasons.

Oh, and we definitely don't shy away from the performing arts in Missoula. You can catch a contemporary dance performance at Bare Bait Dance studio one night, then attend a UM Theatre & Dance production (housed inside a multi-million dollar performing arts complex) the next night.

Did we mention Missoula's insanely talented theatre companies? Montana Repertory Theatre (one of the nation's oldest touring companies) and MCT, Inc. (the world's LARGEST touring children's theatre) feature award-winning playwrights and actors who begin performances in Missoula, then hit the road for statewide, nationwide and even worldwide tours! These plays are super entertaining but they also double as educational tools, intended as outreach for a wide range of audiences to discuss and learn from.

So you see, it makes sense we'd be named one of the top 40 most arts-vibrant places in America. That's kind of Missoula's thing.

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