Missoula Makes List of 2019 Top 10 Forward Thinking US Cities

Missoula Makes List of 2019 Top 10 Forward Thinking US Cities

Everyone who has been through Missoula has thought it, and the people who live here sure know it: Missoula is forward-thinking. We are trend setters and innovators, creative as we are cheerful. As Missoula grows, our population is only becoming more dynamic and diverse, and for that reason and many more, Missoula is a pretty darn special place to live.

The word it out! Trip.com named Missoula in their 2019 list of Top 10 Forward Thinking US Cities. Stating that the cities listed are "places where people seem eager to break new ground, places where communities support expansion in new and innovative ways," Trip.com used overall quality of life, natural scenery, economic innovation and population dynamics, amongst other reasons, to chose their list-makers. According to Trip.com, Missoula was chosen because:

"Montana is Big Sky Country and Missoula is a fantastic launching pad into some of the region’s incredible natural beauty. The town is small and has a distinctive charm. The University of Montana campus is a fitting place to start your tour. After looking around a bit, head for Phyllis Washington Park on the eastern edge of campus. This is where you’ll find the start of a nice set of hiking trails into the surroundings hills. Hike up to see the giant “M” and for a great view back down into town. Once you’ve savored the view and wandered back down, the paths along the Clark Fork River are lovely in the summertime. Wander through some of the streets in town and find a nice local café. There tend to be lots of community events so look for a farmer’s market or art fair. Outside Missoula you can access some wonderful backcountry. If you head north, you will find Flathead Lake, which is part of the Flathead Indian Reservation. Beyond is Flathead National Forest. A few more hours north is Glacier National Park. If you’re visiting Missoula, certainly try to building a day or two into your schedule so that you can make your way up there. Given all it has to offer, we’ve decided to include Missoula on our 2019 list of the most-forward thinking US cities."

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