Missoula Marathon Ranks in Top U.S. Marathons Yet Again

Missoula Marathon Ranks in Top U.S. Marathons Yet Again

BibRave has once again listed the Missoula Marathon as a top pick in both the Best Marathon and Best Half Marathon of the decade!

For the past four years, the Missoula Marathon has been recognized as a top contender on BibRave – praise and support coming from participants directly. Nominations from runners highlighted community support, the breathtaking mountainous backdrop and endless activities in Missoula as the biggest draws to the race.

One review in particular truly captured the essence of Missoula, saying “There were homegrown aid stations, sprinklers, signs, and the world's biggest cowbell (or darn near close). Oh, a guy playing a grand piano in his yard AND a bagpiper. Add in the gorgeous scenery and the many things to do around Missoula and this makes for one of the best race-cations I have ever taken. Bonus - the people in this town are so freakin' friendly!”

In addition to ranking in best marathons and half marathons, the Missoula Marathon was listed among the top five "race-cations." Because runners don’t just want to run a marathon, they want the full package – something Zootown definitely knows how to deliver.

The Missoula Marathon was canceled due to COVID-19 in 2020, but it will be held virtually in Summer 2021. For registration and further information visit their website.


Cover photo courtesy of Gameface Media. 

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