Missoula: One of America's 13 Hottest Up-and-Coming Coffee Cultures

Missoula: One of America's 13 Hottest Up-and-Coming Coffee Cultures

Earlier this month, Expedia released a list of the 13 cities in the US with the hottest up-and-coming coffee cultures, and Missoula made the list!

As Expedia Writes:

"Sitting between mountain ranges in almost every direction, Missoula is an adventure waiting to happen. The Clark Fork River runs right through the downtown area, and you can literally grab a cappuccino in the morning and row a kayak through the neighborhood on that a.m. lift. Florence Coffee Company is the epitome of Missoula coffee culture. Opened in 2003, this local chain is still family-owned with shops and huts all over Western Montana.

What makes this coffee culture unique?

When you taste Zootown Brew’s French-pressed coffee, it will also come as no shock that they’re the most buzzed about coffee shop in town. Located in the Heart of Missoula, Zootown hosts live music and makes a great space for meeting with friends or getting some homework done. Located on the south side of town near Spartan Park, Drum Coffee is small and on the rise. Serving espresso and house-baked treats and fresh lunch fare, Drum is funky and bright with patio seating—kick back with a latte and views of the Northern Rockies.

Good beans can be enjoyed black, hot, and fresh from the press. That’s the idea behind Black Coffee Roasting’s simple moniker. They source and roast organic craft coffee, specializing in blends and single-origin roasts. The blend Vinyl is all rock and roll with a medium roast and toffee and chocolate notes. We totally dig it."

Way to go, Missoula! Read the full article here.

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