Montana Wilderness Association - Wilderness Walks

Montana Wilderness Association - Wilderness Walks

Take a hike with the Montana Wilderness Association. Slow down on a Wilderness Walk to enjoy some of the more wild areas of Montana.  The Wilderness Walks are lead by volunteers with the Montana Wilderness Association, and take place through all four seasons.  With over 200 volunteers, the Montana Wilderness Association has attracted people with a passion for the quiet places in Montana.

From a letter written on November 1962, Montana Wilderness Association President Winton Weydemeyer told this story:

"Two wilderness walks conducted by the Association this summer were highly successful. The first was a walk in the Spanish Peaks Primitive Area south of Bozeman on July 21. This trip exploded the myth that 'only the rich and strong' can enjoy roadless country. People ranging in age from 4 to near 80 gathered for a pancake breakfast and most then climbed several miles into the rugged range. On August 18-19, a walk was conducted into the Jewel Basin area of the Swan Range east of Kalispell. The 49 hikers, ranging from 4 to 66 years, enjoyed several miles of mountain trails, many scenic viewpoints, and a number of alpine lakes."

Each Wilderness Walk is unique in it's location, season, and difficulty level.  There are leisurely family strolls, an far more strenuous hikes for those who are ready for a big adventure.  Summer walks begin in mid-April and continue through October.  Some of the summer walks include restoration projects.

The Montana Wilderness Association has their 2015 Wilderness Walks scheduled, and there are walks planned for locations throughout Montana.  Learn more about the Montana Wilderness Association, and schedule a Wildlife Walk for your next visit to Montana.

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