Paul McCartney Parking and Shuttles

Paul McCartney Parking and Shuttles

You have your tickets for the Paul McCartney concert in Missoula, you have your lodging reserved but where is the concert in town?  Where is there parking?  Is there a shuttle?  We have your answers right here!

Paul McCartney Parking and Shuttles are available!

Get there early!  Getting a stadium full of people into the campus is going to take more time than any of us imagine.  Starting early you can also take time to enjoy the Official Pre-show Tailgate which will be held at the Kirkland Memorial Grove just outside of the stadium.  Tailgate begins at 5pm.


Missoula is bike, and walking friendly, especially around the campus.  The Kim Williams Trail leads straight to campus and it is only a 20 minute walk from downtown Missoula.  So if you are staying downtown, this is a great option!

Parking Options close to campus:

  • On Campus - There are over 4,000 parking spaces available on campus.  Parking will cost $10-15 per spot.
  • Campus Drive - The street around the stadium will be closed to traffic but the southern portion of the road will be open for on-street parking
  • Residential Area - Parking is allowed on all the residential streets around the campus after 5pm.
  • Downtown Parking - Also an option, with the 20 minute walk mentioned above, or shuttle service


  • South Campus - shuttles will run from 2pm-2am
  • East Broadway - shuttles will run from 4pm-1am
  • Downtown Parking Garages - shuttles will run from 4pm-1am
  • Osprey Stadium/ McCormick Park shuttles will run from 4pm-1am


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