Roxy Theatre in Missoula's Hip Strip

Roxy Theatre in Missoula's Hip Strip

The Roxy Theater, in the heart of Missoula, opened on September 26th, 1937.  This historic theater has withstood the test of time, changes, and innovations in technology and remained current in Missoula.  The Roxy Theater was recently renovated and now regularly host’s screenings of award-winning new and classic films.  As well as playing host to celebrated live events. It is a gem in the “Hip Strip” of Missoula.

Each week, the Roxy continues to add to its list of upcoming screenings. The lineup is filled with classics like City Lights starring Charles Chaplin from 1931, modern films like The Crash Reel – it is a 2013 documentary, and the likes of Crimson Winter where there are Vampires in Montana.

 Missoula’s Roxy Theatre – Bringing Great Films and Live Events to Missoula


This winter the Roxy has been screening the film, MAIDENTRIP.  The documentary from 14-year-old Laura Dekker as she sets out with her camera in hand, on a two year voyage.   Pursuing of her dream to be the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone.

"Before our eyes, Laura's lengthening limbs and deepening introspection become the point of a movie that begins with a child and ends with a young woman." - New York Times

The Roxy Theatre has a bit of something for everyone’s favorite film genre.  They also host the Wildlife Film Festival, the oldest and longest running wildlife media event in the world.

Whatever selection the Roxy has on schedule, it is sure to cater to the wide variety of interests of Missoulians and visitors alike.


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