Sledding Hills in Missoula

Sledding Hills in Missoula

Winter is here!  Grab your boots and your gloves, the snow is falling in Missoula! It is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the crisp mountain air. It is a magical time of year in Missoula.  The views of the snow capped mountains, and the sounds of children playing in the freshly fallen snow create a wonderful winter experience.

When the snow begins to fall, it also means that Missoulians are checking out the best sledding spots in town.

Rainbow Park

Rainbow Park is just off of Linda Vista Blvd.  This park is not going to jump out at you on a map but it is a local favorite.  Here are the coordinates if your searching for it’s exact location:  +46° 48' 43.53", -114° 3' 30.86"

Nicole Park

Nicole Park is also off of Linda Vista Blvd in the south end of town, just a hop skip and a jump from Rainbow Park.  This is another hidden gem for sledding in Missoula.

University of Montana Golf Course

Head on over to the University of Montana for some sledding fun.  Check out the South Summit Trail off of the golf course.

Wapikiya Park

Wapikiya Park is located on the south side of town, this park is easy to find on any map of Missoula and features smaller hills for little ones, and a larger hill for those looking for a speedier ride.

Blue Mountain Sledding

Take Blue Mountain Road and follow it past the upper parking lot for trails.  This is a community favorite, throughout the seasons for hiking for sledding.

For more great winter outdoor activity ideas like sledding, skiing, sleigh rides and more in the Missoula area, check out our Winter Activities page.

So tell us, What is your favorite sledding location in town?

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