Sleigh Rides at Double Arrow Resort

Sleigh Rides at Double Arrow Resort

Winter has arrived in the mountains around Missoula.  The winter sports are in full swing, and the ski slopes are open.  But what about those who are looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy the winter but still get outside?

Lets go for a sleigh ride!  Sleigh rides are the perfect way to put your feet up, but still enjoy the beautiful views of Montana snow while spending time with the family,  and getting outdoors.  From young to the young at heart, everyone in your group can enjoy this outdoor activity this winter.

Sleigh Rides in Montana

They are great  for some low impact fun that everyone can enjoy. Take in the amazing views that are distinctly Montana and smell that crisp mountain air as you glide along the snow.  Remember to bring your camera, the sleigh ride is sure to have moments you will want to capture from views of Montana to views of your friends and family.

During the winter months, Double Arrow Resort brings out their horse-drawn sleigh for you to enjoy with a group, as a family or with a special someone.  The sleigh is adorned with bells that ring, and a feel of days gone by.  Remember to bundle up or sit closely with a fellow passenger to enjoy the winter air.  The sleigh rides leave directly from the lodge and are a great way to end an exciting day at the Double Arrow Resort.

Snow will glisten, sleigh bells will ring, snowflakes may fall and memories will be made!  What more could you want from a cold winter day in Montana?

Double Arrow Resort is located north east of Missoula, near Seeley Lake.  For more information on local sleigh rides and other outdoor winter activities, be sure to visit our Winter Activities Page.

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