You Can Now Tour Missoula's Breweries With a Certified Cicerone

You Can Now Tour Missoula's Breweries With a Certified Cicerone

Have you heard of Airbnb Experiences? While most of us know Airbnb for vacation rentals and rooms, they now offer up far more than a place to stay. Airbnb Experiences allow local experts to lend their time, knowledge and services for a wide variety of activities and events around town. And since Missoula is a craft beer craving city, a certified Cicerone has just the expert knowledge we need to explore local breweries.

Elizabeth is your host for this hoppy experience. She was born and raised right here in Missoula, and is one of just 10 certified Cicerones in the state of Montana. Between those two credentials alone, we trust Elizabeth when it comes to sampling local beer.

The cost of the tour includes a beer flight as well as writing materials, so you can take notes whenever you learn something interesting or stumble upon a brew you know you'll want to revisit. But what exactly does a walking tour with a certified Cicerone entail? Elizabeth explains:

This walking tour will take you straight through the heart of Missoula! In an estimated 1.2 mile walking and tasting tour, we’ll do professional style tasting and learning about the background of beer! Make no mistake though, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk local history. We’ll view some of the towns most historical buildings and visit beer bars and breweries right in the center of it all. Each tour will take us to 3 drinking establishments and will last about 2.5 hours. As much as I love to teach, I also love questions! I love getting technical with beer knowledge or keeping it with light general knowledge! We’ll have lively conversations and you’ll walk away feeling like a local.

If you're interested in drinking like a local with Elizabeth, check out her full Airbnb Experience description here, or find more things to do in our eclectic little city here.

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