Torrents First Friday: "To Still Find Joy"

  • Where: Confluence Center 119 W Main St. Missoula, Montana
  • When: Mar 1st, 2024 at 5:00 pm until Mar 29th, 2024

The Confluence Center (Western Montana's Home for Nonprofit Events) art program Torrents is thrilled to present a magical evening of art and community! This month we are pleased to present To Still Find Joy featuring four talents- Heidi West, Lady Pajama, Nancy Rishoff and Randy Zielinski- who each explore the silent joys of life with their varying mediums.

West and Pajama each explore the small moments, trying to find the collective memories and emotions in all of us. Heidi West’s new collection of papercut art pieces celebrate the everyday magic, discerning the connection between people and place, the wonders that abound if we slow down, the routines that are grounding, and the intentionality and hope that exists in everyday actions. Similarly, Lady Pajama mixes paint, pencils, pens, and collage materials, to create scenes that present ordinary objects and characters in a new dimension. Rather than working toward an end product, she tries to capture emotion and authenticity by just jumping in without a plan.
Meanwhile, Zielinski and Rishoff take joy in painting the nature which surrounds us every day. Randy Zielinski takes a deep dive into the living floral models which he also cultivates in his home. Zielinski approaches his natural subjects with youthful enthusiasm and vivid colors, finding new life in the natural world on his canvas. Likewise, Nancy Rishoff takes much solace in the escape to her Montana landscapes. Exploring and merging childhood memories of nature with the current moment of peace, Rishoff hopes to give the viewer the same small moment which she found while creating her works.
Opening exhibit event will take place March 1st, 5-8pm at the Confluence Center at 119 W Main St, Missoula, MT, and will also feature music by Madelaine Millar. The Exhibit will remain on display through March 29th, and can be seen by appointment through the Center: 406-926-6526

For more information about the Confluence Center, please contact Ruth Crystal at For more information about art events at the Confluence Center, please contact Elisha Harteis at or Lillian Nelson at

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