Open AIR: Melissa Thompson Artist Presentation

  • Where: Montana Natural History Center 120 Hickory St # A Missoula, Montana
  • When: Apr 23rd, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Join us for mixed-media artist Melissa Thompson's Artist Presentation at the Montana Natural History Center! Snacks will be provided, and there will be a chance to meet and mingle with the artist.

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About the Artist:
Melissa Thompson's work is fluid. It is inspired by animals, plants, and patterns that are seen in nature and town; by folklore, mythology, and by other artists’ work. She works in many mediums, and each project calls for its own individual combination of these mediums. The creatures and characters she creates evoke a presence as though they came from another time or place and draw a sense of wonder from the viewer as to the story behind it.

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