Torrents presents- Women: A Force of Nature

  • Where: Confluence Center 119 W Main St Missoula, Montana
  • When: May 3rd, 2024 at 5:00 pm

The Confluence Center’s (Western Montana's Home for Nonprofit Events) art program Torrents is thrilled to support Earth Within Girls with their Inaugural Art Auction, Women: A Force of Nature.
Step into our world where women embrace the rhythms of nature, and where cyclical empowerment takes root in the exploration of plant wisdom and self- and community-care at Earth Within Girls' inaugural Art Auction Fundraiser. The immersive experience will allow attendees to intimately engage with the showcased art, bid on the auction items, and learn more about Earth Within Girls.
There will be stunning artwork, wellness items, fitness, and restaurant gift cards for silent auction. The art will be available for viewing and bidding through the entire month of May, and the Confluence Center exhibition will continue online through our auction platform until May 31st.
Featured Artists: Jessica Stoner, Madelaine Millar, Laura Blue Palmer, Ariel Gregory, Erin Huffman, Grace Lawless, Lillian Nelson, Elizabeth Costigan, Pegg Ames Nerud, BretAshley Tharp, Naomi Thornton, Pam Nation, Connie Dillon, Rita Anderson, Judith Colvin, Holly Tripp, Deb Scott, Amanda Bielby, Cameron Elaine Jarman, Debbie Faust, Britta Anderson, Stephanie J. Frostad, Sarah Hawkins-Pinchers, Cora Merrill, Elisha Harteis, Randy Zielinski, and Andrea Harsell.

Presented by: Earth Within Girls, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Montana

Also Featured during the evening: In the hang-out area behind the Confluence Center, Missoula Gives will be throwing their end-of-week donation celebration from 7-9pm. So after donating to Earth Within Girls inside, you can continue to support other nonprofits with any last-minute fiscal gifts out back!

The opening exhibit and Fundraiser will take place during Missoula’s First Friday Artwalk, May 3rd, 5-8pm at the Confluence Center at 119 W Main St, Missoula, MT, and will also feature live music by Sean Carter. The Exhibit will remain on display and online bids will be taken through May 31st, and can be seen by appointment through the Center: 406-926-6526

For more information about the Confluence Center, please contact Ruth Crystal at For more information about art events at the Confluence Center, please contact Elisha Harteis at or Lillian Nelson at For more information on Earth Within Girls contact .

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