Hansel and Gretel

  • Where: Missoula Children's Theatre 200 N Adams St Missoula, Montana
  • When: Jul 19th, 2024 at 6:00 pm

The Missoula Children's Theatre presents Hansel and Gretel, an original adaptation of the classic children's story. This Day Camp is open to students 1st-12th grade. Performances are Friday, June 28 and Friday, July 19 at 4PM and 6PM.

Adapted by Jim Caron Music and Lyrics by Michael McGill and Jim Caron 

Times are tough for modern-day Hank and Gretchen, ‘til they find themselves deep in the wondrous Wildwood world of Hansel and Gretel. The Missoula Children's Theatre proudly presents an original musical adaptation of the Brothers Grimm age-old tale of a journey, a secret and a grand adventure.  Poor Hank and Gretchen! All of their friends, off to summer camp, have left them behind. While waiting for dinner, Hank and Gretchen fall asleep and dream their way to times gone by. They wake with a start!  Their clothes are so strange–and so are their names. Lost in the deep dark woods, Granny leads Hansel and Gretel on a search for the path which will lead them to better times at home. But as evening approaches and the moon rises above the trees, Hansel and Gretel are not alone! The Rascals dart from tree to tree as sweet little Wallybirds innocently munch on the cookie crumbs left as a map on the forest floor. Crafty cooks and Gingerbread Men lead our heroes to a colorful cottage concocted completely of candy and cakes, where Hansel and Gretel unravel the secret of the Wildwood Witch: Is she bad? Or is she good? Is she wicked…Or misunderstood? There’s music and laughter and thrills and chills. So join the fun as Hansel and Gretel’s dream is mysteriously blended with real life, and the lessons of one apply to the other. You’ll learn the secret of the Wildwood --- but, shhh --- don’t tell!

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