Bayern Brewing

Bayern Brewing was founded in Missoula, Montana in 1987. Literally translated, Bayern (pronounced Bye-ern) means the German state of Bavaria - the homeland of Jurgen Knoller, Bayern Brewing's owner and Masterbrewer.

Bayern Brewing is steeped in the rich tradition of Bavaria, a region renowned for producing the world's most famous and sophisticated beer. We brew our lager beers in strict accordance to the German Law of Purity (Reinheitsgebot) of 1516. That means no berries, adjuncts, artificial carbonation, or other strange ingredients are used in the process. All you will find in a Bayern beer is malted barley, yeast, hops, and water, and the experience of a Bavarian Masterbrewer.

All Bayern beers are fully matured, a process that takes up to four times as long as conventional ales and at least twice as long as mass-produced domestic lagers. Bayern employs state-of-the-art equipment to produce quality standards unsurpassed in the micro brewing industry.

The “Edelweiss Bistro” embraces Bayern Brewing’s philosophy to employ sustainable and responsible business practices. The beef and pork used is humanely-raised by local suppliers in Western Montana, free of hormones and antibiotics. Eggs come from local suppliers raising cage-free chickens that are free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Breads, sausages and vegetables are all purchased locally. Imported items from Germany such as pickles, mustards, condiments and seasonings contain no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colorings or preservatives.

Our mission is to provide customers fun food that is made with the highest quality ingredients, in a sustainable manner, at an affordable price; thus complementing Bayern’s German lagers and ales.





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